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Quality policy

VISION – who do we want to be, what do we aspire to?

The Polish Centre for Accreditation strives to conduct the accreditation activity:

  • in a competent, impartial, ethical and reliable manner;
  • relying on knowledge and experience of appropriately motivated personnel and engaging external experts with specialist knowledge;
  • in accordance with the national and international requirements;
  • taking into account the current context of the organization and stakeholders’ expectations.

MISSION – what have we been established for?

The mission of the Polish Centre for Accreditation is to support Poland’s economic development by removing technical barriers to trade, while safeguarding public interests, such as health and safety, environmental protection and public security.

The key objective of the Polish Centre for Accreditation is to conduct accreditation activity. As the National Accreditation Body, we provide all stakeholders with confidence in the conformity assessment results obtained by the accredited CABs.

STRATEGIC PRIORITIES – how do we accomplish our mission?

  1. Sustainable development of the accreditation activity and harmonization of services delivered by the accredited conformity assessment bodies.
  2. Supporting public authorities and other stakeholders in ensuring efficient conformity assessment services.
  3. Active participation in works of the international organizations involved in accreditation and maintaining mutual recognition agreements (EA MLA, IAF MLA, ILAC MRA).
  4. Having personnel with specialist knowledge and acting to develop their competencies.
  5. Promotion of accredited conformity assessment services and their recognition on the basis of multilateral mutual recognition agreements.
  6. Transparency of the procedures and continuous improvement of the quality of the services offered.
  7. Confidentiality of the assessment results and security of information supplied by the assessed conformity assessment bodies.




Warsaw, 29.12.2015

of the Polish Centre for Accreditation


Lucyna Olborska

Update: 30.07.2020 11:29