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Testing Laboratories

Organization data:

Instytut Lotnictwa

Al. Krakowska 110/114; 02-256 Warszawa

Laboratory data:

Laboratorium Badań Środowiskowych

Al. Krakowska 110/114; 02-256 Warszawa


Telephone: 22 846-00-11 Extension.: 257

Mobile phone: brak

Fax: 22 846-01-71

E-mail: jozef.maluj@ilot.edu.pl

www: www.ilot.edu.pl

Scope of accreditation:

Kliknij aby pobrać plik:  AB 132AB 132

Testing field:

  • Environmental engineering testing for environmental and climatic (G)
  • Mechanical, metallographical testing (J)


  • Electrical products and equipement, telecommunications, electronics
  • Electronic equipment - including software
  • Engineering materials and products - including metals, composite